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interested in a commission?

Model Johnny Hynes; Photos by Petyr CIrino and Greg Hynes

Interested in a Commission?
Thank you for your interest in a commissioned painting! Commissions are a wonderfully collaborative process. My clients appreciate the magickal mystical quality of my imagery, and my trademark style.

STEP 1:  Determine how subject will be posed

What do you like?

This can be beautifully simple as in the commission of Yana as a gift to her husband or as in these figurative works.

It can be big and bold like the super-fun oversized Selfie Series.

It can encompass passions, history, career, and personality, as in these portraits of Incognito Mindy aka Ocean Goddess and Steampunk Johnny a railroad man commissioned by his son, Greg.

It can be a fantasy-scape as in this piece for writer and filmmaker Incognito David On the Mountain and this portrait of young True who loves the forest and wolves, or this mother and child in Story Time

It can be all of the above and strategically draped or semi-nude as in many of the Inner Portraits. Many subjects find this an empowering experience.
Or to heck with the drape for a tasteful otherworldly nude.

STEP 2: Determine size/price

Horizontal or vertical? Big or small? Knowing where the work will go will assist in figuring out dimensions.
Paintings are priced by size.  
Cash, checks, credit cards, PayPal accepted, and payment plans available.

12" x 12"        $500

11" x 14"        $650

12" x 9"          $700

12" x 16"        $780

16" x 20"        $850

18" x 18"        $900

18" x 24"        $1,200

20" x 24"        $1,400

24" x 24"        $1,600

24" x 30"        $2,000

24" x 36"        $2,500

24" x 48"        $3,000

30" x 40"        $3,200

36" x 48"        $3,800

30" x 60"        $4,000

36" x 60"        $4,500

36" x 72"        $5,500

48" x 60"        $6,400

48" x 72"        $7,800

Sizes smaller than 24”x24” can only show face or head and shoulders. Sizes 36x60 and larger can ship rolled in a tube to be restretched on your end.  Sizes larger than 36x60 require crating and freight shipping.

Pricing as of 4/13/16. Prices subject to change without notice. A signed contract and deposit are required to lock in quoted prices. Multiple revision requests to comps or painting may result in additional charges. Multiple subjects, pets, complicated props, travel, photography may be additional, and will be disclosed prior to starting work. Shipping additional. I retain reproductions rights to the painting.

STEP 3: The Reference

I work from photos and I will work up a comp for your approval. How do I get the photos? We have a few different options:

Provide a Selfie:  Make-up Instructions   Photo Tips    View Submitted Selfies

I can travel and shoot your image. Additional fees applies to cover travel and lodging, etc.
Or, you can come to my studio in Spring Valley, CA.

I can work with a photographer in your area to shoot the image. I will provide them comps and review the photos via email during the shoot to approve the selection. Incognito David blogs about his experience shooting his reference this way.

A signed model release is required: Download Release   

STEP 4: Timeline

The most common question I get is “How long does it take to paint a painting?” And it really depends -- so many factors, from logistics, workload, complexity, etc.  I would guestimate 1-3 months from the signed contract to being ready to ship with 1-1/2 months the average.  

Throughout the process I will send you comps and progress shots. Unless otherwise requested, work-in-progress and finished paintings are posted on Artwork by Mollie Kellogg website and social media accounts.

Once your painting gets to you, I would love a photo of it in its new home! If there is a corresponding show in your area, unveiling it at the event is always a nice activity for family and guests. Here is a touching unveiling for a mother and her child.

If you would like family to be able to purchase prints, I can set up an order portal for you. I did this for metal prints of Steampunk Johnny.

Please let me know if you have questions, would like to chat by phone, or would like to get the ball rolling! There is nothing like seeing these works in person, unless it is owning one of your own!  
Mollie Kellogg
[email protected]


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