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Frontal Lobe Gallery, Phoenix AZ; Photo by Amy Daggett,

Incognito Witch & Community

The Incognito Witch Project examines hidden magick that has been suppressed by society, ourselves, physical or mental illness, fear, relationships, and other barriers – universal, emotional triggers. Participants include men, women, transgender; all ages, from young adults and families with children to seniors; all races, religious beliefs, and orientations. Early on folks began to report finding it an empowering, fulfilling, quality experience. Since that time, it has been my creative obligation to try to understand this phenomenon, and harness it to help others.

"Mollie Kellogg contributes a vibrant, colorful, and creative technique in drawing the community into the participation of her work, making it 3-dimensional in a very personal, yet inclusive, way. She is able to energize her audiences so they actually become part of an ongoing dialogue that culminates in a joyful exploration of dance, movement and insight – coupled with the visual backdrop of her dramatic portraits." – Beatrice Moore, Frontal Lobe Gallery, Phoenix, AZ
"There was such a great community feel to the project. From the time everyone gathered around the makeup table choosing their accouterments and makeup, to the rehearsing of the video choreography, the camaraderie was evident. Mollie created a sense of ownership among the dancers, where we all helped each other learn the steps. Seeing the way the dance exemplified the intention of the video made me feel like I had been part of something special, and bigger than just our gathering on that night." – Incognito Sally Jo, Phoenix, AZ
"Having been involved with some of Mollie's past projects, I knew that I would be part of a unique vision that spreads a positive and meaningful message to our community and world. It is hard to articulate how much magick and joy I get just from being around the creative environments Mollie creates with her work." – David Gonzales, Phoenix, AZ
"Mollie's work is about being true to who you are. A feat in this surface-driven society. To stand for who you are and be proud. This is why I love giving my time to help her." – Coleen Grant, San Diego, CA
"Mollie is very sensitive to the human condition. That's what she is about. Other artists are more concerned with perfecting a skill. While Mollie is also perfecting her skill too, the wonderful thing about her work is that it's driven by something deeper. She's a very beautiful person – very different in all ways good." – Lisa Bebi, San Diego, CA
"The metallic pigments together with superior drawing skills enable a three-dimensionality not accomplished by others. The closest comparison to another artist's work is Alfred Leslie. Leslie's portrait expressions relate to some of Kellogg's works, but they lack the depth and three-dimensionality, not to mention the glitter and thick paint/pigment application." 
 – Corinne Cain, The Savvy Collector, Phoenix, AZ
"Mollie Kellogg is a Tilda Swinton look-alike who, in the great tradition of Cindy Sherman, tries on various altar-egos." – Brittany Corrales, The Arts Beacon, Phoenix, AZ

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