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Sold Originals

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Sculpture: Blue Sculpture: Blue "Kiss Me, I'm Magick" Witchling5.75" tall Limited Edition SOLD OUTSculpture: Purple Sculpture: Purple "Kiss Me, I'm Magick" Witchling5.75" tall Limited Edition SOLD OUTSculpture: Teal Sculpture: Teal "Kiss Me, I'm Magick" Witchling5.75" tall Limited Edition SOLD OUTSculpture: Pearl Gray Sculpture: Pearl Gray "Kiss Me, I'm Magick" Witchling5.75" tall Limited Edition SOLD OUTSculpture: Pearl Yellow Sculpture: Pearl Yellow "Kiss Me, I'm Magick" Witchling5.75" tall Limited Edition SOLD OUTApple Apple 60"x48" Original SOLDAutumnAutumn36"x48" Original SOLDAZ Abstract Part 1 & 2AZ Abstract Part 1 & 29"x12" Original SOLDDesert Girl Talks to the Sea GodDesert Girl Talks to the Sea God14"x18" Original SOLDFeatherFeather18"x24" Original SOLDFinally Free Part  1 & 2Finally Free Part 1 & 218"x12" (9"x12" ea) Original SOLDGoddess Bouquet: BirdGoddess Bouquet: Bird12"x12" Original SOLDGoddess Bouquet: ButterflyGoddess Bouquet: Butterfly12"x12" Original SOLDGoddess Bouquet: FrogGoddess Bouquet: Frog12"x12" Original SOLDGoddess Bouquet: HummingbirdGoddess Bouquet: Hummingbird12"x12" Original SOLDGoddess Bouquet: LizardGoddess Bouquet: Lizard12"x12" Original SOLDGoddess Bouquet: OwlGoddess Bouquet: Owl12"x12" Original SOLDHaveningHavening36"x36" Original SOLDI Can Only Fly in My DreamsI Can Only Fly in My Dreams60"x36" Original SOLDMoon GoddessMoon Goddess30"x48" Original SOLDNight BloomNight Bloom36"x24" Original SOLDPinnedPinned48"x60" Original SOLDRefusal to SeeRefusal to See18"x18" Original SOLDRound and RoundRound and Round18"x36" Original SOLDSonofadamSonofadam48"x36" Original SOLDth0ts uv whimz: angel heart10"x10" Original SOLDThe Little Death The Little Death 60"x36" Original SOLDThe Meaning of LifeThe Meaning of Life24"x24" Original SOLDIncognito Witch Selfie: DuncanIncognito Witch Selfie: Duncan24"x24" Original SOLDIncognito Witch Selfie: HeatherIncognito Witch Selfie: Heather24"x24" Original SOLDFiremakerFiremaker48"x36" Original SOLDIncognito Witch Selfie: Bri Incognito Witch Selfie: Bri 24"x36" Original SOLDIncognito Witch Selfie: Thomas and His Familiar BuddyIncognito Witch Selfie: Thomas and His Familiar Buddy24"x36" Original SOLDIncognito Witch Selfie: AmandaIncognito Witch Selfie: Amanda18"x36" Original SOLDIncognito Witch Selfie: Golly GIncognito Witch Selfie: Golly G24"x36" Original SOLDIncognito Witch Selfie: MarilynIncognito Witch Selfie: Marilyn20"x36" Original SOLDIncognito Witch Selfie: SundayIncognito Witch Selfie: Sunday20"x36" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: NinaIncognito Witch: Nina60"x30" Original SOLDOnion Hill Onion Hill 36"x48" Original SOLDPurple Flowers Purple Flowers 36"x48" Original SOLDMagick HourMagick Hour12"x24" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: SunriseIncognito Witch: Sunrise36x60 Original SOLDIncognito Witch: Medicine ManIncognito Witch: Medicine Man30"x42" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: She'll Steal Your HeartIncognito Witch: She'll Steal Your Heart14"x11" Original SOLDLost ThoughtsLost Thoughts16"x20" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: Witch's PotionIncognito Witch: Witch's Potion24x36 Original SOLDI Heart LacyI Heart Lacy14"x18" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: Witch's PromiseIncognito Witch: Witch's Promise24x36 Original SOLDSwingSwing30"x48" Original SOLDDaydreamDaydream30"x40" Original SOLDLostLost48"x24" Original SOLDRed Cloak and Rose PetalsRed Cloak and Rose Petals20"x24" Original SOLDGarlandGarland24"x36" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: Key BearerIncognito Witch: Key Bearer18"x18" Original SOLDLacyLacy48"x36" Original SOLDSmile with your Lips ClosedSmile with your Lips Closed12"x12" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: The BladeIncognito Witch: The Blade30"x60" Original SOLDView From WithinView From Within12"x16" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: Cock in HandIncognito Witch: Cock in Hand30"x60" Original SOLDVeilingVeiling36"x48" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: Lotus FlowerIncognito Witch: Lotus Flower18"x36" Original SOLDLeft in PhoenixLeft in Phoenix48"x48" Original SOLDThe BraidThe Braid9"x12" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: Dual StarIncognito Witch: Dual Star18"x36" Original SOLDMy Goddess, My Love My Goddess, My Love 48"x36" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: G-7Incognito Witch: G-730"x60" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: G-5Incognito Witch: G-530"x60" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: G-4Incognito Witch: G-430"x60" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: G-3Incognito Witch: G-330"x60" Original SOLDIncognito Witch: G-2Incognito Witch: G-230"x60" Original SOLDHadesHades36"x60" Original SOLDPersephonePersephone36"x60" Original SOLDCroneCrone36"x24" Original SOLDThe AlchemistThe Alchemist18"x18" Original SOLDMother's NatureMother's Nature24"x24" Original SOLDRemember Remember 24"x18" Original SOLDThe DreamThe Dream18"x24" Original SOLDDesert Dweller Desert Dweller 18"x24" Original SOLDA Little Birdie Told Me A Little Birdie Told Me 24"x12" Original SOLDCrowCrow20"x24" Original SOLDFloraFlora18"x14" Original SOLDMagnesium Dream Magnesium Dream 36"x72" Original SOLDMaskingMasking12"x16" Original SOLDFlower Girl Flower Girl 14"x18" Original SOLDGifts From HeavenGifts From Heaven18"x24" Original SOLDKissKiss11"x14" Original SOLDKiss of the MergirlKiss of the Mergirl12"x12" Original SOLDLean On MeLean On Me24"x24" Original SOLDLove YourselfLove Yourself24"x24" Original SOLDMagic Flute Magic Flute 36"x24" Original SOLDMother's Day Mother's Day 24"x36" Original SOLDThis Rose Will OpenThis Rose Will Open60"x36" Original SOLDDisappearing Bird TrickDisappearing Bird Trick48"x48" Original SOLDMother's LoveMother's Love9"x12" Original SOLDNamasteNamaste18"x24" Original SOLDPrayerPrayer11"x14" Original SOLDThe GuardianThe Guardian12"x18" Original SOLDTree SpiritTree Spirit48"x48" Original SOLD
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